Record, view and share your favourite moments using the stunning new interface of KeyDates v2.0.
v2.0 compliments the traditional timeline screen of the original version, and additionally introduces brand-new functions including a calendar view, an on-this-day button, beautiful and adaptive view screens and much more.


Record doctor or specialist appointments, outcome of consultations, referrals, surgical procedures, recovery periods, medications and prescriptions, fitness or exercise regimes, physiotherapy and much more.

Record all of the romances throughout your life – from the start of a relationship to an engagement or wedding, special moments, memoirs of gifts, birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, endings and much more.

Record everything about your home life – dates you bought or sold, moved in or moved out, renovations and landscaping, maintenance, new furnishings or appliances, accidents and insurance claims, tenancy and much more.

From preschool to university and beyond – record your school events, achievements, sports, graduations, examinations and results, work experiences, grades, post-graduation studies, funny moments and much more

Record all of your family memories – milestones, catch-ups, birthdays, visits, shopping, memorable dinners, funerals, anniversaries, engagements, weddings, births, new car, religious events and much more.

Keep a record of all of your personal and business investments – including real estate, bonds and leases, self-managed super funds, term deposits, stocks and market events, shares, major gains and much more

Whether fiction or non, record your most memorable reads – including printed books, children’s books, textbooks, library books, favourite books, audiobooks, e-books, recommendations and more.

Record moments from all of your hobbies or fun times – from outdoorsy, thrill-seeking and recreational sports, indoors like musical, video games and culinary, collections, achievements, new hobbies – we’re sure they’re limitless!

Your forever record of every holiday you have ever been on – local, interstate, overseas, guided tours, safari, road and camping trips, cruises, self-discovery journeys, retreats, memorable moments and much more

Record of all your subscriptions, and use our new reminders feature to take note of renewals – for clubs and groups, streaming services, data and mobile plans, magazines, gym and fitness and so much more

Remember your friendships forever, and special memories for each of them – dates you first met, visits, parties, birthdays, weddings, holidays, falling outs, deaths, anniversaries of friendship and much more

Document all of your work-related events and important dates – interviews, new jobs, start dates, promotions, bonuses, pay rises, terminations, resignations, retirement date, holidays, great moments and much more.

For animal lovers – record and recall all things to do with your pets – new pets, memorable moments, registration, microchipping, births, deaths, vet visits, medications and repeats, vaccinations and so much more.

Be able to record and recall every movie you have ever watched – recommendations, least favourites, categorized by genre – whether on TV, on streaming services or in the cinema – never forget the name of a movie again!

For all sports lovers – from active participants to parents with active kids – record all of your sporting moments – record your own participation, spectator memories, favourite teams, betting and much more


“Excellent for all”

“Wow finally an app that allows me to capture almost everything I do easily. Now I don’t have any problem recalling the last dinner I had out with a particular friend or the last time I visited my aunt or the date I sold my previous home or car”

Ally Bos, Apple Store

“Great app for storing information.”

“Finally an app just for storing info, rather than trying to be a social media. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and trying to remember all my past dates to add into it is the hardest thing.

Warwick, Apple Store

“This app is amazing”

“I’m able to save all my dates, events, etc. & love timeline provisions. Really makes my iPhone productive.”

iamshareenali, App Store

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